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Bed Sheet Fundraisers Are Easy With Sweet Sheets®!
Hey there! Looking for a unique and meaningful fundraiser opportunity? You've found the Sweet Sheets® bed sheet fundraiser, where quality meets community. Join countless organizations that have succeeded with our bed sheet fundraiser program!

Why Choose Sweet Sheets®?

Our bed sheet fundraiser is more than just a fundraising opportunity; it's a chance to offer affordable, top-quality bed sheets all while raising money for your organization.

How Does Our Bed Sheet Fundraiser Work? (It's Super Easy and Transparent!)

  1. Set Up Your Fundraiser: Register, pick your dates, and you're on your way. We'll set you up with everything you need for a successful bed sheet fundraiser.

  2. Spread the Word: Log into your fundraiser back office, grab those marketing materials and tell everyone about your fundraiser. Need tips? We've got a guide for that!

  3. Watch the Magic Happen: Keep an eye on that interactive goal meter, watch your sales grow, and see real-time updates on your earnings.

  4. Shipping? We've Got You Covered: Fundraiser orders zip out directly to customers within 1-3 business days. Plus, we have FREE shipping on all US orders as well as Canadian orders over $100.

  5. Celebrate and Enjoy the Success: When the fundraiser wraps up, we'll send you a check with 20% compensation plus a 5% bonus on orders shipped to your organization for distribution. All transparent!

Extra Perks and Quality Assurance

  • Free Shipping to Organization: Want to distribute the orders yourself? We'll even throw in a bonus 5% compensation.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Our bed sheets are crafted with care. Read our quality assurance page.
  • No Minimum Sales Requirement: There's literally no risk! You'll still earn your 20% commission if you sell one set, or a hundred sets, so why not try it out?

Let's Chat About Trust and Community Impact

We're about building a community that values quality, integrity, and support. We've helped numerous organizations raise funds, just like Kim & Marianne:

“I was very impressed with the quality of product and it was very easy for the members of our volleyball team to sell. The sheets sold themselves. We had to do another campaign because previous customers wanted to order more. It was a very successful fundraiser and we will be partnering with Sweet Sheets® again in the future!”

Karen -Alberta, Canada


"I’ve headed a fundraiser for my daughter's dance (parents association) for the last four years and it is by far one of the best ones we run. The parents want it on the fundraiser list every year. For us at the studio it has grown from a small fundraiser of about $3000 to one closer to $25,000. The members and community love this product. Sweet Sheets sells itself!!"
Marianne -Alberta, Canada

Ready to Join the Sweet Sheets® Bed Sheet Fundraiser?

So, what do you say? Ready to make a difference with a fundraiser everyone loves? Click here to register with Sweet Sheets® now. Trust us, it's THAT easy, and we're here for you every step of the way!


Fundraiser Commission Compensation Chart

Retail Pricing

List Price



Sheet Sets      
Twin $60.00 50 $10.00
Twin XL $65.00 55 $11.00
Double $75.00 65 $13.00
*Queen $85.00 75 $15.00
King $95.00 85 $17.00
Cal. King $105.00 95 $19.00
Split King $115.00 105 $21.00
Extra Pillowcases      
Standard $25.00 22 $4.40
King $30.00 27 $5.40
Duvet Covers      
*Queen $105.00 95 $19.00
King $115.00 105 $21.00
Duvet Shams      
*Queen $28.00 25 $5.00
King $33.00 30 $6.00
Fitted Sheets      
Twin $28.00 25 $5.00
Double $33.00 30 $6.00
*Queen $38.00 35 $7.00
King $43.00 40 $8.00
Flat Sheets      
Twin $23.00 20 $4.00
Double $28.00 25 $5.00
*Queen $33.00 30 $6.00
King $38.00 35 $7.00
*Queen is the most popular size ordered.


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